Add a Little Extra Flair to Your 1-Day Site

All of our 1-Day Sites are complete, fully-functioning, and beautiful sites on their own. They also provide a great foundation for growth, both functionally and aesthetically.

As you, your business, and your brand evolve, so can your website.

All of our add-ons are modular, so they’re easy to integrate and upgrade into your site at any time. You can add these to your initial 1-Day Site package, and you can always add more at a later date.

Add-On Options

Your choice of fonts and colors

Our basic 1-Day Site comes with professional fonts and your choice of one a handful accent colors. But if you want to tailor your site for your brand, this add-on is for you. We’ll work with you to determine the right feel, pick out 2-3 unique fonts and colors just for you.

Woo Commerce, Memberships

Need to add shopping capabilities to your site? Or want to offer online classes or membership programs? Woo Commerce allows you to sell everything: services, downloads, subscriptions, and physical products. Woo Membership allows you to easily sell access to protected content and memberships. Start selling. Start teaching.

Custom Design Elements

Adding design to just a few elements on your site can have a big impact. You might want to consider:

  • A newsletter sign up that really stands out
  • Custom graphic buttons
  • Personalized social media icons
  • Custom slider images and text treatments
  • Site-wide font treatments
  • Custom illustration
  • Professional image consulting
  • And much more


Having a great logo provides you with a unique identity that embodies who you are in an almost tangible way, immediately communicating the essence of you. Plus, your logo is yours to keep and use for all kinds of things that come up as your business grows . . .  business cards, custom email signatures, stationary, flyers, and more.

Professional Copywriting

Great copywriting tells your story and immediately creates a genuine, shared emotional experience between you and your audience. Whether you add one enticing page of copy or want your whole site written by a pro, we can help. You might want to consider adding copywriting for:

  • Homepage copy
  • Important sales pages
  • Biographies
  • Product descriptions
  • Regular blog posts
  • Enticing newsletters
  • Auto-responders
  • You name it!

We typically offer a 4-page package to cover the most important pages of your website.

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