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When you’re outside looking in, creating a website seems expensive, complicated, and altogether overwhelming. So what do most people do? Phone a friend.

The 1-Day Site began as a side project to help out our friends.

In PowerUp’s early years as a creative agency and development company, we got a lot of friends asking for help. They needed websites but didn’t have a big budget. They wanted something affordable but also professional, not the kind of crappy site your friend’s sister’s old college roommate would throw together for a $100 and pizza.

So we asked ourselves, “How can we create a website package that’s affordable, looks fantastic, and has all the functionality a person needs?”

The answer lay in creating a streamlined process that we could easily tweak for each person we helped. We figured out the exact elements needed to create an awesome website and learned how to best guide our friends through the creation process.

Eventually, word spread. As friends of friends (and then aunts, third cousins, and that old college roommate) began contacting us for simple, beautiful sites, we realized that we needed to bring this offering to the public. In 2010, we officially launched The 1-Day Site.

Since our launch, the 1-Day Site has evolved into a complete package that gives you everything you need to take your business to the next level online. We’ve added strategic coaching sessions, branding guidance, and modular options to give your site that extra bling (without paying for the ring).

We’ve taken things even further with WP Zendo, our series of online WordPress tutorials. We give these to all of our 1-Day Site clients for free, so folks on a budget don’t actually need to hire a developer and can easily keep their site updated on their own.

Our 1-Day Sites are very near and dear to our hearts at PowerUp. Being able to serve those just getting started, taking risks, and pursuing passion projects means the world to us. We’ve fallen in love with our 1-Day Sites, and chances are you will too.

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