The Rapid 1-Day Site

When you want to do it yourself, but not really. 

A Powerful Website, Delivered ASAP

The Rapid 1-Day Site is for busy folks who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty with the easy stuff, but who also don’t want to waste precious time learning the hard stuff, like how to code and design.

Here’s the deal: We build your site fast. You plug in your content. Done and DONE.

It’s simple, the best of both worlds:

  1. Save time having us handle the heavy lifting of building a website (something, btw you will only rarely need to do, so why the heck lose so much time trying to figure it out)
  2. Save money by adding in your content after we’re done, using our quick-start video tutorials (a skill you’ll definitely use over and over in the future as nurturing and growing your website in the future).

Think of the Rapid 1-Day Site kind of like those fancy meal order services: someone else preps all the food for you, dinner is delivered to your door – you just need to heat it up.

A delicious website for minimal work.

The Freedom to Succeed

Save money without giving up the power and flexibility to grow.

Your Business, Your Goals, Your Website

With our Rapid 1-Day Site you get the power and flexibility of the WordPress platform without needing another degree or sweating a lot.

With our Rapid 1-Day Site you own your website and you’re not at the mercy of a big company that doesn’t have your unique business’s goals and success in mind. Keep your freedom to succeed with a website that can be what you need to be, when you need it.

Power to Succeed

Being on WordPress means your website can do amazing things for your marketing, sales and business. You can flex when you need to, both now and in the future, in ways that platforms like Squarespace can only dream of giving you.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t let those so called ‘easy’ platforms like Squarespace and Wix fool you: you’re still going to have to do a lot of work to build your website, and they severely limit what you can do with the website for all of that ‘ease’ they give you.

The Proverbial Bang for Your Buck

It’s only $550. Here’s what you’re getting:

The Goodie List

  • Your website is built within in 3 business days
  • Built on the powerful, flexible WordPress platform
  • Choose from 10+ sleek layout packs built on Divi
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Blog page setup
  • 1 email address setup
  • Plugins that make your site go beast mode:
    • Akismet Spam Protection
    • Yoast SEO (optimize your search engine ranking)
    • Gravity Forms (build contact and survey forms to your delight)
    • Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin
    • Monarch Social Share & Follow Plugin
  • MailChimp opt-in setup and tested
  • 1 Contact form setup and tested
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Submission to search engines
  • Video Tutorials
  • Conscious Business Booster Course (free membership)
    • Practical guidance for brave work, deep impact, and lasting results

Peace-of-Mind Hosting ($25/month)

Our Rapid 1-Day Site requires you to sign up for high performance, peace-of-mind hosting with us, where you get the following bonuses:

  • Personal point of contact for all of your hosting needs, and someone who gives extra love, care, and attention to your hosting performance
  • Unlimited* visitors
  • Unlimited* storage
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • Free SSL 
  • Security & malware monitoring/cleanup
  • Free Imagify image optimization usage ($60+/yr. value)
  • Automated and on demand backups & restores
  • One click staging to be able to test out new things out in a safe environment
  • Support is available for non-critical items during regular business hours M-F 8am-5pm MST. For emergencies we will provide a number ot text or call

Hosting is $25/month for 1 website or $285/year (5% discount), and $20/month for any additional websites you want to host now or in the future.

Ready to Start?

All you need to do is click the payment button below, and we’ll take you through the following easy peasy steps:

  1. You purchase a Rapid 1-Day Site online.
  2. After purchase we’ll send you an intake form the same day.
  3. You’ll let us know which layout you’d like and provide us with crucial info we need to build your site.
  4. We build your site in a single day, within 3 business days after you submit the intake form back to us.
  5. We pass the site to you with our Quick Start video tutorials. The site is all yours!
  6. You plug in your content and images quickly or at your leisure.
  7. Bam! You’re done, probably sipping a delicious drink, basking in the glory of your new website.


What will my site look like?

Awesome, of course! 😉 Specifically, you will choose one of our twelve sleek layouts. You can view those here. We will set up for you exactly as you see it in the demos, which includes not only a fantastic homepage layout, but additional templates for different types of pages on your site. You can choose to use all or only some of the layouts, but they will be set up for you, ready and waiting for your content!

When will I receive my site?

Within 3 business days after you purchase your site and after you provide us the information we need to build your site 🙂 We have a very simple online form for you to submit your information, easy peasy.

Will it be easy to populate my own content?

Yes! We provide you special quick start video tutorials so you can hop in quickly to your new site, add your content, and make changes, like updating your page titles and your navigation menu. We also provide our full WordPress tutorials course, WP Zendo, which empower you to fully manage the most common tasks for your website. change your page titles and navigation menu.

Do I have to use everything I see in the layouts?

Nope! We will deliver your Rapid 1-Day Site with everything you see in the layout you choose, BUT you can choose to remove sections from pages if you’d like. You also do not have to use every page provided, nor do you have to keep the page titles or the navigation menu the same. It’s your site! 

Do I have to use all of the pages and titles you provide?
Nope! We do include all the pages and layouts you see in the demo so they’re ready and waiting for you. But you can easily change the titles of pages, add more pages, change your navigation menu. You can delete the pages or set them to draft to use later.
Will I be able to change my layout later?

Your Rapid 1-Day Site will be fully your site and you’ll be able to do what you want with it! BUT, we of course recommend you consider hiring us if something for things beyond managing your content, anything you don’t feel 100% comfortable with, and especially for layout changes, design, branding, and adding functionality. But again, your site is YOUR site to do what you want with 🙂

What if I make a mistake with my website?
Your hosting comes with on-demand backups and restores. You can backup your website at any time, make changes, and then revert to the previous version if you need. Safe and sound!
Will I have support?

We are always here for you! One, we provide you with easy-to-follow video tutorials so you feel empowered and independent.

Two, with your Rapid 1-Day Site you will be signing up for hosting with our Lead Developer, Jonah West, and you will have his watchful eye over general server performance, and a quick contact for any hosting questions you might have.

Three, we have an easy web update support system, as well as monthly maintenance if you’d like to have us handle that for you. For everything else, you can always send us a message or book a chat to talk about additional services you might need.

What if I have a site I'm replacing?
You’re in luck! With our hosting, you’ll have the option to either immediately replace your old website with your new Rapid 1-Day Site OR you can have it on what’s called a ‘staging site’, that allows your old site to remain live until you’re ready for your new site to go live.
Is there a monthly fee?
Only for hosting! The Rapid 1-Day Site is a one-time fee, but hosting is always a monthly (or yearly) fee. That’s just how hosting works no matter who you use 🙂 Our Rapid 1-Day Site requires you to host with our Lead Developer Jonah West, who provides you with amazing hosting and support (see above for details and cost).
What if I need a logo, custom colors and fonts, or ecommerce?
You have two great options: One is to consider our Bespoke 1-Day Site where we can not only build your website, populate your content, but also add branding, functionality, and whatever else you might need. Two, depending on what you need, you could always hire us after we build your 1-Day Site. There are many services we provide a la carte, like logo designs and ecommerce setup. You can send us a message now to inquire or send a message after you buy your Rapid 1-Day Site.
Are refunds available?
We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision before you sign up for your awesome new Rapid 1-Day Site 🙂 You can also feel free to send us a message if you don’t see your question answered on this page or in the FAQs. If you do need a refund, refunds are only offered within 3 business days of purchase, and only if we have not begun processing your intake form and/or building your website.

Still have a question?