The Bespoke 1-Day Site

A website that feels like you.

When you need a website with a little something extra.

The Bespoke 1-Day Site is for people who want a powerful, beautiful website with white-glove service, tailored for you and your audience. Oh, and we assume you want it without having to start from scratch or sell an organ on the black market to cover the cost.

Here’s the deal: We handle everything for your website – the heavy lifting, any customization, and setting up your content. When we’re finished, you have a site ready to share with the world.

It’s simple, the best of both worlds:

  1. Save time, get the results you really want. Do you really want to get a degree in coding or design? Or have a website that looks like the ugly half of one of those internet before/after photos where someone tries to bake a designer cake on their own…but it goes horribly wrong? Didn’t think so 😉
  2. Save money, keep the awesomeness. Because of our uniquely crafted Bespoke 1-Day Site, you’ll walk away with a site you truly love, that feels like you, but without having to spend more than you need to.

The Freedom to Succeed

Save money without giving up the power and flexibility to grow.

Your Business, Your Goals, Your Website

With our Bespoke 1-Day Site you get the power and flexibility of the WordPress platform without needing another degree or sweating a lot.

With our Bespoke 1-Day Site you own your website and you’re not at the mercy of a big company that doesn’t have your unique business’s goals and success in mind. Keep your freedom to succeed with a website that can be what you need to be, when you need it.

Power to Succeed

Being on WordPress means your website can do amazing things for your marketing, sales and business. You can flex when you need to, both now and in the future, in ways that platforms like Squarespace can only dream of giving you.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t let those so called ‘easy’ platforms like Squarespace and Wix fool you: you’re still going to have to do a lot of work to build your website, and they severely limit what you can do with the website for all of that ‘ease’ they give you. 

The Proverbial Bang for Your Buck

Starting at $2500+. Here’s how it works and what you’re getting:

How It Works

  1. Contact us and we’ll gather all the details to get started. We’ll write up a contract with all the details and provide instructions for what we need from you to move forward.
  2. You choose a template and provide us all the content and details about the pages and functionality you want.
  3. You send us your logo and other design details like colors and fonts (or have us work on this for you!) and we’ll start building your new website!
  4. Once the website is in a good place, we have you review and schedule a launch date.
  5. We launch your new website!

The Goodie List

  • Built on the powerful, flexible WordPress platform
  • Choose from 100+ sleek layout templates
  • Stock images
    •  Access to millions of stock images and graphics you can use for your new website
  • Content strategy support
    • We help you map your content out, provide creative direction, help you to create an impact and connection with your audience
  • Three 30-minute consultations
    • Anything you need help with!
  • Mobile responsive ready website
  • Blog page setup
  • Basic SEO (search engine registration and meta tags)
  • Plugins that make your site go beast mode:
    • Yoast SEO (optimize your search engine ranking)
    • Gravity Forms (build contact and survey forms to your delight)
    • Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin
    • Monarch Social Share & Follow Plugin
    • MailChimp opt-in setup and tested
  • 1 Contact form setup and tested
  • Google Analytics setup and integrated (website statistics)
  • Video Tutorials to help you manage everything
  • Conscious Business Booster Course (free membership)
    • Empower your marketing and sales with practical guidance for brave work, deep impact, and lasting results

Upgrades and Add-ons, Oh my!

We offer several services that you can add on to your base Bespoke 1-Day Site, including:

  • Logo design
  • Custom home or other page layout
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce
  • Online courses, memberships
  • Event display and management
  • Email newsletter design
  • Business cards and fliers

Lots more! Ask us for details 🙂

Send us a message or schedule a chat

We’d love to hear from you or meet you! Send us a message or schedule a chat to discuss your goals and ask us any questions.


How long does the process take?

This will depend on any upgrades you add-on to your Bespoke 1-Day Site. It also depends on your availability to meet with us 🙂 That being said, our base Bespoke 1-Day Site generally takes us and most clients 3-6 weeks. With additional add-ons, a typical timeline is 8-10 weeks. 

How much does the Bespoke cost?

This depends on your final proposal that we craft for and with you, but the base cost is $2500. If you only need what is in the base Bespoke, that will be your cost. However, we always start off with a free chat with you to discuss your goals and to review possible solutions. We then craft a proposal for you to review. We then can update the proposal as needed, and once you’re ready, you sign the proposal and know exactly how much the cost will be, based on your needs.

Are there any monthly fees?

Nope! Not for our Bespoke 1-Day Site. That being said, you minimally have to own a domain name which typically has a yearly fee of at least $10, but you pay that directly to your registrar (like GoDaddy). You also need hosting, which we do offer that is $25/month. Our hosting comes with extra perks and more support than other hosts for the same cost or less 🙂 

Will I have support after we're done?

We are always here for you! One, we provide you with easy-to-follow video tutorials so you feel empowered and independent. Two, we have an easy web update support system, as well as monthly maintenance if you’d like to have us handle that for you. For everything else, you can always send us a message or book a chat to talk about additional services you might need.

Still have a question?